The end product of metabolism of 13C-labeled xenobiotics is 13CO2, which is quickly resorbed and exhaled. Measurement of the 13C/12C ratio in exhaled breath following the administration of such labeled substrates can therefore be used to determine the speed and efficiency of metabolic processes. This has wide applications in the fields of gastroenterology, oncology, hepatology and nutrition control.

Kibion® Dynamic instrument can be used in breath tests to get information of a number of disorders affecting the gastroenteric and hepatic systems, as well as in other areas of internal medicine.

Please note that all substrates described below are laboratory chemicals (also called extempore or special medicine preparations – human use). Please contact your local pharmacy for more information about how to order substrates in your region.
It is also advisable to contact the relevant medical product agency for more accurate information and associated responsibilities.

The most important clinical areas are:

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The website: Liver function tests is intended to give an overview of the hepatology market, liver related indications and diseases, companies and their products for liver diagnosis and therapy of liver diseases.

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Information brochure: Kibion® Dynamic and 13C-Breath Tests for the Assessment of Specific Enzymatic and Metabolic Functions in vivo: Application brochure_English
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